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The current StarPlot changelog is here. The more user-friendly NEWS file is here.

2010. 09. 20

Major revision to Stars with Planets catalog, using new data source. I've also updated URLs to pages for Fedora packages of StarPlot data on the data file page.

2009. 08. 13

Minor revision to Stars with Planets catalog includes four additional stars.

2008. 12. 05

Minor revision to Stars with Planets catalog includes Fomalhaut b.

2008. 11. 15

Vince Barwinski has submitted an updated version of the Stars with Planets catalog, available here.

2008. 05. 15

A new version of StarPlot, version 0.95.5, is available!

2008. 03. 06

Two news items. First, Debarshi Ray has prepared official RPMs of StarPlot for Fedora Linux (versions 7 and newer) and of the StarPlot data sets. (The RPMs have been available for some months now but I have been slow about updating this web site.) Information about the RPMs can now be found on the download and data files web pages.

Second, I have finally set up a Subversion repository for StarPlot (although as it's on a personal computer, it will not always be available). If you are too impatient to wait for the next release to see what's new, please refer to the repository information (and caveats). Eventually I hope to make the repository available at a location with more uptime.

2008. 01. 03

Vince Barwinski has submitted an updated version of the Stars with Planets catalog, available here.

2007. 02. 03

A new patch release of StarPlot, version 0.95.4, is available. Many thanks to Bryan Brake for reporting the build problems on OpenBSD that this release fixes!

2007. 02. 01

Revamping of the TODO list at the bottom of the main web page.

2006. 10. 11

Added third revision of the Stars with Planets catalog, submitted by Vince Barwinski.

2006. 08. 29

Added a StarPlot icon created by Rachel Kronick to the downloads page. This is the icon:

StarPlot icon

Please note that this icon is not licensed under the GNU GPL. The creator writes, "I'd appreciate credit for it if you use it on the Net, but feel free to distribute it far and wide, as long as it's not for profit."

2006. 07. 18

Added a new StarPlot data file, an updated version of stars known to have planets. It may be found here. Note that it is already in native StarPlot format. Thanks to Vince Barwinski (vince dot barwinski at gmail dot com).

2006. 01. 03

Added a guided tour of StarPlot to the documentation.

2005. 12. 29

The existing StarPlot documentation, what little there is, is now available online: StarPlot documentation. I have also just written a Chapter 2 about the main user interface, which should be enough to make many people happy.

2005. 09. 09

The tarball of version 0.95.3 has been updated to fix a 64-bit GCC 4 compilation bug originally reported here. Please note that the version number has not been increased for this small fix.

2005. 09. 08

StarPlot version 0.95.3 is available. Changes include a bugfix for segfault when opening the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram window in Spanish locales, and a hack to make starconvert recognize the syntax used in the Hipparcos catalog for Durchmusterung catalog names. (Watch for a data package of the Hipparcos catalog to be made available here eventually.)

2004. 12. 27

I released version 0.95.2 of StarPlot; this is a trivial bug-fix to permit compiling on systems that define a label_t struct in system header files.

2004. 12. 09

Version 0.95.1 of StarPlot is now available. This is a bug-fix release that improves support for older compilers (g++ 2.95) and older versions of GTK+ 2. The Spanish translation is now es.po instead of es_ES.po, so will also work with Latin American locales.

2004. 08. 30

Version 0.95 of StarPlot has been released! Major new features include the ability to sort columns of the informational dialog, built-in "Save as PNG" functionality, and display of all names for a star in its pop-up info window. Numerous small enhancements and bug fixes were added; see the ChangeLog for details. Finally, StarPlot has been internationalized and has its first translation, to Castilian Spanish, courtesy of Francisco García.

New versions of the Gliese, Yale, and SKY2000 star data packages have also been posted that take advantage of some minor enhancements to the starconvert utility.

2004. 07. 28

A new version of the SKY2000 catalog, Version 4, is available here. Also, expect to see a new version of StarPlot within a few weeks.

2003. 06. 30

StarPlot version 0.94.1 can now be downloaded. The only change from the previous version is a bugfix for Mac OS X; if you have a different platform, you probably need not upgrade.

2003. 06. 28

I've made available one last release of StarPlot that links against GTK+ version 1.2. The version number is 0.93.1; there are only minor changes from 0.93, including that the bug causing random color switches in Mac OS X has been fixed. A similarly fixed version of 0.94 will be made available once I figure out how to also fix the reported bus error problem.

2003. 06. 25

The latest version is 0.94; this is the first version of StarPlot to include a configure script and to be linked against version 2.x of the GTK+ graphics library. This automatically gives StarPlot anti-aliased fonts; a font selection dialog is also now available.

I have reports of a bus error on Mac OS X; I'll try to get this fixed in the next few days.

2003. 06. 19

The new web site for StarPlot, is now available. Unfortunately, as a graduate student in physics, I have had very little time in the last several months to do much work on the program itself.

2002. 11. 17

A new version of StarPlot is now available, 0.93. The main change is that a shell script "starpkg" has been added; this shell script makes it easier to install stellar data files and keep them up-to-date. The data files available from this web site have been updated to take advantage of this feature.

2002. 10. 18

Updated the SKY2000 data set specification files and installation instructions to use version 3r1 of that star catalogue. This version represents "an incremental but substantial improvement over Version 2." For more details, see the ReadMe file in the orig-data directory of the sky2000 data set.

2001. 12. 06

The current version of StarPlot is 0.92.3, a minor update that adds a couple of useful features. This version permits you to search for stars by full constellation name (e.g. "Alpha Canis Majoris") even though star names are still abbreviated (e.g. "Alpha CMa") in the data files. You can also now click on the chart legend to turn spectral classes on and off without having to go to the Chart->StarFilter dialog box.

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